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Family Photo

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Update on My Life Through Mobile Pics

I've been spending time playing with my two wild haired children, and my one cutie pie little guy. Maia informed me the other day that she says naughty words in her head and that I can't hear her. Also, after a time-out incident she let me know that she would like to stay in time out for a little while longer. It is hard to keep a straight face with that one.
Noah has been going through a defiant stage which is proving quite challenging, but he is loving VBS. They were given clay to make a craft today and could make anything they wanted...he made a sword and his best friend Caleb made a gun...should I be worried?
Malakai is teasing me with on and off good nights of sleep. I've finally gotten used to his car crying.

I got to forget about being a mommy of three for a bit and get all dolled up for fun...yup I even took a picture of myself with my phone in my car...while driving...lame. But, I was just so happy to be all made up! Not all of these ones are mobile phone pics, but I had to include some of the other pics because I felt so cute!...Oh and I had a lovely girl day with Pam Booher where I got my toes done (I got a design for once...only because I didn't have to pay)!

Got to hang out with my friend Elina one evening and cook together. It was so fun. This is the dish she made. An authentic Italian eggplant dish straight from a kitchen in Italy. It was so fun to hang with her and the food was delicious!

And finally, back to mommyhood. This is me trying to figure out how to pee while wearing my child. I had to go so bad and will now have a bladder infection because I could not figure out this ultimate multitasking challenge...

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Pamee said...

Love this blog!!!!! And all the fun pix!!!!

Natalie Sidoti said...

I've had to pee with a baby strapped to my chest several times. When they are in there and asleep and you have no one else to hold them, then you have to improvise.

Jules(: said...

What fun pics! I was in Noah's group yesterday as a leader for VBS and he is such a cutie! He was talking about how he was "going to see daddy in the games!!". Haha said...

You look absolutely amazing in those dress up pictures. I love them all!

Yes, you have obtained the status of professional mommy! So proud of you for having the extra outfit for Malakai and changing a poopy diaper without a hitch.

Maia is such a crack up, she's gonna keep us all on our toes.

Love you!