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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Random Confessions

My 3 year old has a heightened sense of smell and a tendency to be brutally honest. Recently, she let Ricky know that his breath was "poochie" and she informed me that I needed to take a shower because I was "kinda smelly."

I walked with my head held high today and had a little extra pep in my step. Why?...because I was prepared when Malakai pooped out of his diaper and up his back while we were at a restaurant eating lunch. I cleaned him and changed him, without getting poop on my hands or on anything else besides the diaper and the wipes. I also had a clean set of clothes in the diaper bag in case this happened. I am no longer a rookie mom.

Speaking of tooting my own horn...Ricky and I have been following the Sugar Busters diet for over a month now, and I go to bed feeling like a winner every night because I stuck to the plan. Self-control when it comes to food has never been my strong suit.

I loathe my "after pregnancy belly pooch" and dream about tummy tucking it away...(don't get all crazy people. This is just a confession. I am not seriously going to get a tummy tuck)

The other day, I tried to teach my 3 year how to change a diaper so that I could share diaper didn't go over so well. She got distracted within 3 seconds.

Malakai smells like mildew because the towel I used when I got him out of the bath tonight is apparently a part of the laundry load that I failed to put into the dryer in a timely manner. (I am sure Maia's super sensitive nose will catch this)

Noah has been referred to as a girl about 10 times this week. I feel so bad, but I can't bring myself to cut off his curls!

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Anonymous said...

I just cut Hayden's baby curls off and he hasn't been called a girl since :o) It's hard to do, they were adorable! said...

You don't have to cut it so short. Just enough that the curls twirl up to the top of the neck line (look at the pics when he was 2 yrs old). Much easier to manage and he'll be just as adorable. I'm just sayin' :)