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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

28 Weeks and Counting

The third trimester is officially upon me. Scary! I can't imagine adding a third little person to my already crazy life. I am content to let this munchkin bake as long as he needs to. I am so not ready for diapers, sleepless nights, crying, and lack of communication. I'm very scared this time around and I shouldn't be because I've done this twice before. Anyways, enough about my fear and onto lighter things more embarrassing things. Here are some discoveries I've made in my third trimester...

My pre-pregnancy skinny jeans stop the blood flow to my legs but I insist on wearing them anyways. They still fit over my legs and my backside (which has doubled in size). I am very proud of this and will continue to wear them until the seams bust open.

I have zero bladder control. God forbid a sneeze sneak up on me without proper warning or someone makes me laugh a little too hard. This has never happened before and I am thinking that if I were to have more children I would have to wear diapers during my third trimester.

I wake up every morning with swollen fingers, arms, and face. Seriously? What is that all about?

I feel cramps lurking all over my body waiting to launch an attack on my legs, neck, toes, or fingers paralyzing me and causing me to scream in pain...okay that may be a little dramatic but I do get very painful cramps that last for a very long time. Not fun!

My skin hurts. Bring on the stretch marks.

I was hoping to keep my weight gain to a reasonable number. After my doctor's appointment today, my weight gain will end up being very unreasonable in spite of my subtracting 7 pounds each time for my clothes. I loathe that scale.

Exercising totally helps my state of mind but jumping up and down and trying to do sit ups with a massive belly, just looks and feels ridiculous. I feel like my child is just going to drop out as I come down from a jumping jack or that he is screaming in pain as I scrunch him while doing a sit up. But, I am in a much better mental state. Is my sanity worth the pain and awkwardness?

Waddling is NOT cute...and I waddle now.

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