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Family Photo

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thoughts From This Week...

Will I ever be able to use the restroom in my own house by myself ever again or will I always have little ones follow me in and watch me closely?

I wish I could torch all these stupid ants and watch them scream as they shrivel up and DIE.

Hmmm...are there ear plugs for little kids? I wonder if my kids would sleep longer if I put them to bed with ear plugs in their ears.

There must be something rotting inside my son's belly? It can't be normal for a 2 year old's farts to make my eyes water and my gag reflex to go wild.

I seriously need to look into anger management classes for my one-year-old. She just violently hit and kicked the wall and then attempted to bite it after she accidentally ran into it. I feel sorry for the kid that ever bullies her.

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Kathy said...

Hey-ant traps worked for us...the black traps. You just set them by your baseboards, they eat poison, leave back to their nest & they all die (or at least stay away). We are ant-free right now!