Family Photo

Family Photo

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

Usually 4th of Julys consist of going to see a firework show done by professionals because my husband is not to be trusted with fire! But, this year we were invited to do our own fireworks with our neighbors and so I prayed for no one to catch on fire and for Ricky to behave and we did our own firework show with the neighborhood. It turned out to be a great time with only 2 illegal bombs made by Ricky and Jeff (neighbor) that harmed no one. 

Although Maia didn't care to hold the sparklers she enjoyed watching all the pretty fireworks as long as I was holding her. 
Noah and Nathan enjoyed the sparklers and next year Noah will be wearing a hat. His unruly curls seemed to attract the sparks and made for quite a few close calls. 

This is definitely my favorite picture of the evening! He was over it by this point. Two hours past his bed time and daddy's bright idea of giving him 5 sparklers at once with way too much smoke blowing in his face was not such a good idea! 

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