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Saturday, March 10, 2012

What the Kids are Wearing

I've mentioned it before here on this blog, but since the topic of this blog has to do with this particular subject, I am going to say it again. I lack fashion sense. Yup. I don't actually own any accessories (besides my kids) because I don't really know how to pair them correctly with an outfit. As for clothes, you can always count on me to wear plain basic items that are quite safe and can be worn with comfortable under garments...ahem...that is no strapless or spaghetti straps. Thus, my wardrobe is boring and underwhelming. So, when I attended a wedding a couple of weeks ago, my good friend Kathy and I decided to scope out what "the kids are wearing these days" in order to try and spruce up our mom wardrobes. By kids we meant the kidless 20 somethings who are so stinking fashionable and cute. There we were, the two moms (me in a 4 year old very outdated dress, flashing unshaven legs, and zero accessories) scoping out all the "kids" and trying to decide if we could pull off the hip Spring looks that they were sporting. I took good mental notes and tried to figure out how to fit a shopping trip into my luck.
But...this past Thursday, I realized that I will be on stage singing this Sunday in front of thousands of people. I cannot look like a drab fashion-less woman in basic cotton mom clothes! This is my chance to go shopping and put all my mental notes to the test plus I stumbled upon a $50 gift card in my purse which was begging me to spend it. So, I did. I went to a store that I am sure all "the kids" shop at and ventured to buy an outfit complete with feather earrings and bangle bracelets (because that was in my notes). I am now praying that I do not look like a complete mismatched mess on Sunday. Hopefully, "the kids" like it!


Frankie said...

You looked very trendy today! I loved the layered tanks with the jacket.

ticedonna said...

You looked very stylish and adorable...beautiful voice too!

Mrs White said...

LOL....Feather earrings?
You had me laughing.
I can relate. My problem...I HATE shopping. And...I have a mother that is always gifting me clothing items that she has bought at the Thrift shop. I have to take some items from her because she is so sad when i don't want anything. Needless to say, my closet is full of these Thrift shop items as well as clothes that i have already had over the past 10-15 years. lol
I'm working on that.
Guess i'll have to see if maybe I have a gift card hidden somewhere too. lol My teenage daughter would love to dress me up to look more hip.
Thanks for your post. I'm sure you looked great!

Mrs White

Sarah said...

This is carzy! You ALWAYS look cute!