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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Glimpse into My Life "In The Trenches"

My friend has described my life with 3 little ones as being "in the trenches." I could not think of a better description. Every day is a hard work: Having to do everything for everyone as they are too little to do anything for themselves is exhausting...not to mention waking up in the middle of the night every night to breastfeed. Every day is a battle: A battle with my 3 year old not to hit her brother out of anger; a battle with my 4 year-old not to whine and to obey the first time; and a battle with my baby to sleep through the night and stop screaming uncontrollably in the car. Every day is unpredictable: I never know who is going to have a meltdown at the wrong moment; who is going to decide to have a defiant day; or who is going to decide that they do not like the clothes I chose for them to wear.
Just so that you can get a better understanding of my life "in the trenches," I have posted this video of our average every day car ride.
Noah is fighting with Maia because Maia has said that there is NO traffic even though there clearly is traffic just to tick off her brother; Maia is making Noah even more upset because she is putting Malakai's pacifier in her mouth and then putting it in his mouth (she does this as well for the sole purpose of ticking off her brother); Noah is very upset about his sister being mean and about the traffic so he starts to pray; through the entire car ride, Malakai is screaming at the top of his lungs; and finally, Ricky is ready to exit the vehicle and run far far away!

Warning: You will probably make it through 10 seconds of this and not be able to watch anymore...but I figured I'd post it anyways!

Untitled from Taleah Murray on Vimeo.

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