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Family Photo

Friday, March 16, 2012

Before and After

People say that when you have kids, you discover a whole new level of love. I completely agree. But, there is something else that is quite disturbing that having kids has revealed to me.

You see, before I had kids, I thought I could almost walk on water. I mean I was a sweet, kind, honest, good person. However, my view of myself has completely changed since having kids. I have discovered that who I really am is a thief and a liar who needs anger management classes and intense psychotherapy.

The other day after breaking up the 50th fight in the first hour of the day, repeating myself countless times, changing the 2nd nasty poop explosion, and being yelled at for an hour straight by my 11 month old for not bringing him food fast enough, I lost my temper and and threw a tantrum and told everyone to just stop and leave me alone. Then, I lied and told them that if they didn't stop fighting, the police would come and get them. Later, I stole a piece of candy from one of their goody bags (because I deserved it, of course) and when they asked if they could have some, I lied again and said there was no more.

So, there it kids have revealed that underneath that honest and calm facade was an angry thief and liar waiting to reveal herself...anyone know of a good therapist?... preferably one without kids...

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Mrs White said...

LMAO!! Been there!
Your kids do.

Mrs White